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Mystery dates…becoming an artist of your relationships

February 2, 2010


 Growing up, my grandparents, “Pop & Dean” as we affectionately called them, used to frequently go on what they called a “Mystery Date”.  On the specified Friday, one of them would plan the entire day’s activities with the other spouse in mind.  The designated planner would craft the entire day/evening and merely let the other spouse know what they needed to wear and what time they would be departing.  I loved the excitement that they each would share as one grandparent truly had no idea how the day would unfold when pulling out of the driveway and the other grandparent would be tickled to start letting the mystery unfold.  They explored all sorts of destinations in Oregon that they might not have typically have checked out from the lighthouses along the coast to the Pendleton Woolen Mills.  I always told myself that I wanted to copy this idea someday and spend my retirement going on these mystery dates.

A few years ago, I was able to use my grandparent’s Mystery Date idea and surprise my sweet love Todd with a mystery trip to Seattle to see the Mariner’s play.  I planned the whole trip and told him to pack an overnight bag and hop in the car.  I actually told him he was being “kidnapped” although there was no ransom note involved. At first I told him to close his eyes but that didn’t last long (maybe next time I need a blindfold).  He had no idea where we were headed although I tried to give a few little clues along the way.   I can’t tell you how much fun I had planning the mystery.  He was a good sport for going along with the antics and was rewarded with a good game – Mariner’s won!

There’s something to be said about the premise of the Mystery Date.  You make him or her feel special and I guarantee that in return you will be made to feel special.  Get creative.  Plan a surprise.  Make today extraordinary!

Become an artist of your relationship with Mystery Dates

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