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Being the right mate

February 4, 2010

Long ago I heard this little saying and I have held on to the belief that the real trick is not in simply finding the right mate but in being the right mate. Relationships take love, an investment of time, patience, creativity, laughter, endurance…the list goes on and on but let’s be honest…relationships take work, hard work.

There are so many simple, thoughtful ways we can “work” on our relationships every day. I thought the following was interesting…

Ellen Kreidman created the following list of woman’s needs.
She wants to be your first priority.
She wants you to consider her needs above everyone else’s.
She wants you to think that no other woman comes close to being as wonderful for you as she is.
She wants you to brag about her to your friends and family.
She wants you to feel proud that she’s your mate.
She wants you to prove your love.

Ladies, he wants you to:
Tell me why I make a difference.
Tell me why I matter to you.
Tell me over and over again. Don’t tell me just once. Tell me everyday of my life.
Keep complimenting me on my strengths.
I want to be your knight in armor.
I want to be your hero.

What a simple, tangible way to help meet our sweet love’s needs and reaffirm their importance in our lives.

P.S. Almost every morning, resting on the edge of my sink, is my toothbrush already covered by toothpaste by Todd. It’s such a simple little gesture but it goes such a long way in making me feel loved. XOXO Thx T! It’s the little things that matter after all…

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  1. PortlandFan permalink
    February 6, 2010 3:52 pm

    Great post. No truer words have been captured in so few characters.

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